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By Hal M. Bundrick NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Wall Street is pass. The real money is in that new app startup you just found out about — or in a biotech breakthrough you really believe in. And with new crowdfunding investments set to explode, big upside deals will seem to be everywhere. Real estate, oil and gas, new media companies. These non-public investments are the kinds of opportunities more investors are seeking these days, particularly the young and wealthy, as they look beyond traditional public stock market offerings and choose to open the investment door marked “Private.” A recent survey conducted by iCrowd revealed that nearly half (49%) of high net worth investors under the age of 30 are currently invested in private placements. One-in-five wealthy investors between 45-60 years of age are, too. 5 Best Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: North American Oil & Gas Corp (NAMG) … Continue reading

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Well, that didn’t take long. Less than three weeks after retiring as CEO of Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK  ) , the company’s co-founder, Aubrey McClendon, has a new job. According to The Oklahoman, McClendon is launching a new energy company: American Energy Partners LP. The new company is reportedly headquartered just down the street from his old office. In an email obtained by the paper, McClendon said he is actively seeking new oil and gas drilling opportunities. The email went on to say that McClendon’s “goal is to build a substantial E&P company both through the drillbit and through acquisitions of producing properties.” Further, the email stated: “In particular, I will be looking for deals with a lot of drilling left on them and will also consider undeveloped acreage deals plus, I am not scared of natural gas.” Now that he’s out of the spotlight of the public markets, McClendon can … Continue reading

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Almost every one of us has bought some sort of an insurance policy at some or the other point in our life. It may be in the form of life insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, house insurance or any other form of insurance.  The basic aim of almost all insurance is to provide financial protection against losses arising out of an undesired event happening in our lives. For instance if we buy a house insurance to the tune of Rs 50 lakh by paying a small predetermined premium to the insurance company, it is legally bound to pay us the sum of Rs 50 lakh in case our house is destroyed in earthquake, flood or any other natural calamity. In other words, by paying a very small sum as premium, we can protect ourselves against a huge loss arising out of any unpleasant happening. All this is just great. But, … Continue reading

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New products introduced over the last week include new income indexes from BlackRock designed for pre-retirees; Fidelity’s planned new ETFs that will be subadvised by BlackRock; a new China Internet ETF from Krane Funds; and a new retirement share class for many of American Century’s funds. In addition, Guggenheim Investments changed the index followed by its Canadian Energy Income ETF; Northern Lights Distributors launched a new educational series for advisors; and Sammons Retirement Solutions added an array of new investment options, as well as new fund managers, to its LiveWell Retirement Series products. Here are the latest developments of interest to advisors: 1) BlackRock Introduces Income Indexes for Pre-Retirees BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest asset manager, announced Wednesday that it is launching a series of indexes that let advisors and their older clients calculate how much annual income they will need in retirement as well as the level of savings … Continue reading

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The Oklahoman reported last week about a movement out of Oklahoma City to get the United States Postal Service to switch from gasoline and diesel to natural-gas-powered vehicles. Natural gas is cheaper than either of those two fuels right now, which would be good for the USPS, but the real story here is in the power of demand. In this video, contributor Aimee Duffy takes a look at what would happen if the Post Office pursued this idea. The movement toward alternative energy is gaining momentum. One potential opportunity in this field is Clean Energy Fuels, which focuses its natural gas efforts primarily on trucking and fleets. It’s poised to make a big impact on an essential industry. Learn everything you need to know about Clean Energy Fuels in The Motley Fool’s premium research report on the company. Just click here now to claim your copy today. Top 10 … Continue reading