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At the Fed meeting today, the U.S. Federal Reserve announced that it will begin tapering its bond-buying program by $10 billion per month starting in January. The policy, which was designed to recharge economic growth, will be scaled back to $75 billion per month from $85 billion per month. The Fed will reduce its purchases of long-term Treasury bonds from $45 billion a month to $40 billion, and mortgage-backed securities from $40 billion a month to $35 billion. The move was a surprise after months of intense Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting anticipation. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has been extremely pro-stimulus, and this was his last press conference before he steps down in 2014 and Janet Yellen takes over. So, why did today’s Fed meeting end in a taper, after months of staying the course? Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald joined us in Baltimore to discuss. “Bernanke’s … Continue reading

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After the impressive performance of Bank of America’s (NYSE: BAC  ) stock last year — it was the top-performing component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES: ^DJI  ) — it’d be tempting to conclude that the nation’s second-largest lender didn’t have much juice left in the proverbial tank. But according to a number of high-profile analysts, that simply isn’t the case. Roughly halfway through today’s trading session, shares of Bank of America are higher by nearly 1.5%. This comes, moreover, on the heels of an impressive performance yesterday, when its shares were up by 1.3%. There’s no question that a growing number of analysts are becoming bullish on Bank of America stock. In the middle of last month, Meredith Whitney — who famously foretold Citigroup’s fall five years ago — reiterated her view that Bank of America was one of the most undervalued bank stocks in the market. “Very rarely do … Continue reading

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Health insurer Aetna (NYSE: AET  ) , the third-largest insurance firm in the country, made a big splash last year when it announced the acquisition of fellow insurance firm Coventry (NYSE: CVH  ) for $5.7 billion. This week Aetna will close the acquisition and finalize the deal, pushing the company’s membership base higher by millions of members. This comes not a moment too soon for Aetna. A big membership base is a key strength headed into the post-Obamacare future for the insurance industry, as questions still remain about just how insurance reform will alter the landscape of this industry going forward. Motley Fool contributor Dan Carroll and health care analyst Max Macaluso tell you what you need to know about what Coventry’s inclusion will mean for Aetna’s future — and how the biggest players in the insurance industry are prepared to face health care reform. When President Obama was reelected, shares of … Continue reading

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Almost every one of us has bought some sort of an insurance policy at some or the other point in our life. It may be in the form of life insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, house insurance or any other form of insurance.  The basic aim of almost all insurance is to provide financial protection against losses arising out of an undesired event happening in our lives. For instance if we buy a house insurance to the tune of Rs 50 lakh by paying a small predetermined premium to the insurance company, it is legally bound to pay us the sum of Rs 50 lakh in case our house is destroyed in earthquake, flood or any other natural calamity. In other words, by paying a very small sum as premium, we can protect ourselves against a huge loss arising out of any unpleasant happening. All this is just great. But, … Continue reading

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Hold on to your umbrella: The world is getting windier. A new report projects a 34% wind-power production increase in the next three years, boosted higher by new tax-credit rules. Putting politics aside, let’s look at three companies poised to profit from wind’s pick-up. Source: Profitable projectionsThe Energy Information Administration recently released a report outlining its revised projections for wind production over the next few years. New wind generation accounted for more capacity increase than any other energy source in 2012, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down. After Congress approved an extension to the “Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit” in January, the cost-competitiveness of wind projects took a positive turn. In real terms, the EIA now expects wind production to increase as much as 34% by 2016. Source: Top 10 Energy Companies To Own In Right Now: SilverCrest Mines Inc (SVLC) SilverCrest Mines Inc. (SilverCrest), incorporated … Continue reading